Operator Specific Solutions

W2BI has automated testing solutions based on Wireless Operators’ specific needs and requirements. Wireless operators have additional requirements that may not be covered through industry standard specifications. W2BI has long provided automated testing solutions across the mobile eco system for such requirements.

Automated test solutions are offered to support 2G, 3G and 4G wireless technologies as well as IMS services, VoLTE, NFC, UICC based services and external application server access scenarios. These operator specific solutions are also used by wireless device manufacturers for prototype evaluation, lab development, pre-certification and certification of wireless devices. Some of the approved test solutions are also used by third party Test Labs for device certifications.

Operators who do not have specific requirements for their test plans can benefit from generic LTE Device Testing and Standards Based Testing solutions.

For a complete list of test areas offered for each operator, please contact W2BI at info@w2bi.com